About Onscope IPowner

Onscope IPowner offers a unique perspective on patent and trademark owners. On the site, you can find a company, view its ownership summary profile and the related intellectual property data.

Our data is compiled automatically by specialized algorithms and validated by hand to ensure maximum precision. The data can then be viewed either separately, one legal entity at a time, or globally, by grouping the parent/subsidiary relationships for a complete IP ownership overview.

How to Use IPowner

Feature General access Access with free registration
Owner searches Yes – First 10 results Yes – All results
Profile Summaries Yes Yes
IP Explorer View Yes – First 100 results Yes – All results
Subsidiary list No Yes

Owner searches

Typically, owner searches are the entry point into IPowner. To run an owner search, you can enter the name or part of the name of the owner into the bar at the top of the screen. The results list the corresponding owners. You can view the profile of a listed owner by clicking on its name.

Owner Profile

Each owner profile shows a summary view [2] of its ownership of patents and trademarks. You can view the distribution of the company’s intellectual property ownership, including or not that of its subsidiaries [3]. You can see the number of IPs owned by jurisdiction and type of property [4], the distribution of IP by industry [5], the stock symbol in the case of a public company [6], and the company’s latest goods, services and inventions [7].

From this screen, you can launch a new search [1], view the list of the company’s subsidiaries, separated into two sections: subsidiaries with and without IP [8], or see the IP ownership details [9].

Detailed IP Ownership

On an owner’s IP Explorer page, you can:

  • view the patents and trademarks held by the owner in table or card mode [1];
  • filter by IP type (patents or trademarks), jurisdiction, class, subsidiary and status [2];
  • sort by date, trademark or identification number [3];
  • see the details of a patent or trademark by clicking on its identification number [4].

Available Jurisdictions

Onscope IPowner gathers information from several jurisdictions. Currently, you can query IP information from the United States, Canada and soon Europe.

Jurisdiction Patents Trademarks
United States – USPTO Yes Yes
Canada – CIPO Yes Yes
Europe – EUIPO Yes Coming soon!
International – WIPO Yes Yes

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