Register CIPO Patent
Document Number 02120055
Status Inactive
Filing Date 1994-03-28
Open to Public Date 1995-01-27
Publication Date 1995-01-27
Grant Date 1998-04-14
Owner LENOVO (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. (Singapore)
  • Combs, James Lee
  • Crump, Dwayne Thomas
  • Pancoast, Steven Taylor


A computer system having four states of power management: a normal operating state, a standby state, a suspend state, and an off state. The standby state is characterized by devices, such as a video controller and a hard drive, being placed into a low-power mode transparent to the operating system and the applications executing on the computer system. The suspend state is characterized by executing code being interrupted and the state of the computer system being saved to a file on the hard drive in such a manner that system power may be removed after the state of the computer system is saved to the hard drive. Later, after system power is restored, the state of the computer system is resumed by reading from the hard drive and loading it in such a manner that the operating system and application programs are not adversely affected. The normal operating state and the off state correspond to the typical on and off states of more conventional computer systems. The suspend/resume/standby feature is implemented at a low cost using many standard components.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G06F 1/32 - Means for saving power
  • G06F 11/14 - Error detection or correction of the data by redundancy in operation, e.g. by using different operation sequences leading to the same result