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Document Number 02906116
Status Pending
Filing Date 2014-03-14
Open to Public Date 2014-09-18
Publication Date 2014-09-18
  • Keays, Brad
  • Rothman, Andrew
  • Hanrahan, Casey
  • Pursley, Christopher J.
  • Rhodes, Daniel


A system and method of monitoring sobriety using a hand-held breath testing device that, on receipt of a user's breath, generates a breath test signal comprising substance content data and user identification data, and wirelessly transmits the breath test signal to a breath test signal receiving station. This disclosure relates generally to a method and system for remote sobriety monitoring, and more particularly relates to a method and system utilizing a breath testing and identification device for periodically analyzing the alcohol content or other substance content of the breath of a user in combination with a wireless or cellular transmitter or transceiver device to transmit an alcohol content.

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  • A61B 5/08 - Measuring devices for evaluating the respiratory organs
  • H04W 4/12 - Messaging; Mailboxes; Announcements
  • A61B 5/097 - Devices for facilitating collection of breath or for directing breath into or through measuring devices
  • G01N 33/48 - Biological material, e.g. blood, urine; Haemocytometers
  • G06F 17/30 - Information retrieval; Database structures therefor