Transdermal portable alcohol monitor and methods for using such

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 12041765
Grant Number 07930927
Status In Force
Filing Date 2008-03-04
First Publication Date 2008-09-11
Publication Date 2008-09-11
Grant Date 2011-04-26
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Cooper, Larry T.
  • Waters, Timothy D.
  • Melton, Donald A.
  • Rompa, Victor


Various embodiments of the present invention provide alcohol monitoring devices, and methods for using such. As one example, an alcohol monitoring device is disclosed that includes a device body, an alcohol sensor, and a liquid cartridge. The alcohol sensor is associated with the device body, and relies on a liquid supply to perform an alcohol measurement on a subject. The liquid cartridge is replaceably coupled to the device body and provides the liquid supply to the alcohol sensor.

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  • G01N 33/487 - Physical analysis of biological material of liquid biological material