Systems and methods for adaptive monitoring and tracking of a target having a learning period

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 12608109
Grant Number 08493219
Status In Force
Filing Date 2009-10-29
First Publication Date 2010-05-20
Publication Date 2010-05-20
Grant Date 2013-07-23
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Buck, James J.
  • Newell, Joseph P.


Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for adaptive monitoring of physical movement. As one example, a method for adaptive initialization of a monitoring system is discussed. The method includes associating a monitor device with a monitor target; receiving information indicating movement of the monitor target from the monitor device; plotting or defining one or more paths corresponding to the movement of the monitor target during a learning period; and based at least in part on the one or more paths, identifying one or more exclusion zones where movement of the monitor target is restricted.

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  • G08B 21/00 - Alarms responsive to a single specified undesired or abnormal condition and not otherwise provided for