Systems and methods for individual tracking using multi-source energy harvesting

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 14611321
Grant Number 09569952
Status In Force
Filing Date 2015-02-02
First Publication Date 2015-08-13
Publication Date 2015-08-13
Grant Date 2017-02-14
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Buck, Jr., James J.
  • Newell, Joseph P.
  • Brooks, Cady Lynn


The present inventions are related to monitoring movement, and in particular to systems and methods for extending the service life of a monitoring device.

IPC Classes  ?

  • G08B 1/08 - Systems for signalling characterised solely by the form of transmission of the signal using electric transmission
  • G08B 25/10 - Alarm systems in which the location of the alarm condition is signalled to a central station, e.g. fire or police telegraphic systems characterised by the transmission medium using wireless transmission systems
  • H04W 4/02 - Services making use of location information
  • G08B 21/02 - Alarms for ensuring the safety of persons
  • G08B 21/22 - Status alarms responsive to presence or absence of persons