Systems and methods for power efficient tracking

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 14700902
Grant Number 09989649
Status In Force
Filing Date 2015-04-30
First Publication Date 2015-11-12
Publication Date 2015-11-12
Grant Date 2018-06-05
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Buck, Jr., James J.
  • Brooks, Cady Lyn
  • Newell, Joseph P.


Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and method for power efficient tracking.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H04W 64/00 - Locating users or terminals for network management purposes, e.g. mobility management
  • G01S 19/34 - Power consumption
  • H04W 4/02 - Services making use of location information
  • G01S 19/48 - Determining position by combining or switching between position solutions derived from the satellite radio beacon positioning system and position solutions derived from a further system
  • H04W 84/12 - WLAN [Wireless Local Area Networks]
  • H04W 88/08 - Access point devices