Systems and Methods for Monitored Individual Progression Processing

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 16221498
Status Pending
Filing Date 2018-12-15
First Publication Date 2019-07-04
Publication Date 2019-07-04
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Buck, Jr., James J.
  • Newell, Joseph P.
  • Pettit, Dustin
  • Cooke, Mike


Various embodiments provide systems and methods for encouraging progress toward a lower level of monitoring for a monitored individual.

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  • G08B 21/22 - Status alarms responsive to presence or absence of persons
  • G08B 21/24 - Reminder alarms, e.g. anti-loss alarms
  • G08B 25/10 - Alarm systems in which the location of the alarm condition is signalled to a central station, e.g. fire or police telegraphic systems characterised by the transmission medium using wireless transmission systems
  • H04L 29/08 - Transmission control procedure, e.g. data link level control procedure
  • G06Q 50/26 - Government or public services