Wrist-Worn Impairment Detection and Methods for Using Such

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17006748
Status Pending
Filing Date 2020-08-28
First Publication Date 2020-12-17
Publication Date 2020-12-17
Owner BI Incorporated (USA)
  • Hanson, Duke
  • Newell, Joseph P.
  • Pettit, Dustin
  • Fernandez, Evencio
  • Miller, Ric


Various embodiments provide systems and methods for identifying impairment using measurement devices.

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  • A61B 5/00 - Measuring for diagnostic purposes ; Identification of persons
  • A61B 3/113 - Objective types, i.e. instruments for examining the eyes independent of the patients perceptions or reactions for determining or recording eye movement
  • A61B 5/1171 - Identification of persons based on the shapes or appearances of their bodies or parts thereof
  • G16H 20/70 - ICT specially adapted for therapies or health-improving plans, e.g. for handling prescriptions, for steering therapy or for monitoring patient compliance relating to mental therapies, e.g. psychological therapy or autogenous training
  • G16H 40/67 - ICT specially adapted for the management or administration of healthcare resources or facilities; ICT specially adapted for the management or operation of medical equipment or devices for the operation of medical equipment or devices for remote operation
  • G06T 7/00 - Image analysis
  • A61B 3/14 - Arrangements specially adapted for eye photography
  • A61B 5/16 - Devices for psychotechnics; Testing reaction times
  • G06F 16/54 - Browsing; Visualisation therefor
  • G06T 7/30 - Determination of transform parameters for the alignment of images, i.e. image registration