Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17483651
Status Pending
Filing Date 2021-09-23
First Publication Date 2023-03-23
Publication Date 2023-03-23
Owner Intel Corporation (USA)
  • Gund, Ved V.
  • O'Brien, Kevin P.
  • Jun, Kimin
  • Mohammed, Edris
  • Sen Gupta, Arnab
  • Metz, Matthew V.
  • Ban, Ibrahim L.
  • Fischer, Paul


In one embodiment, a resonator device includes a substrate comprising a piezoelectric material and a set of electrodes on the substrate. The electrodes are in parallel and a width of the electrodes is equal to a distance between the electrodes. The resonator device further includes a set of switches, with each switch coupled to a respective electrode. The switches are to connect to opposite terminals of an alternating current (AC) signal source and select between the terminals of the AC signal source based on an input signal.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H03H 9/54 - Filters comprising resonators of piezoelectric or electrostrictive material
  • H03H 9/17 - Constructional features of resonators consisting of piezoelectric or electrostrictive material having a single resonator
  • H03H 9/13 - Driving means, e.g. electrodes, coils for networks consisting of piezoelectric or electrostrictive materials
  • H04B 1/16 - Circuits