Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17855282
Status Pending
Filing Date 2022-06-30
First Publication Date 2023-03-23
Publication Date 2023-03-23
Owner Intel Corporation (USA)
Inventor Magi, Aleksander


Particular embodiments described herein provide for a wearable electronic device, such as a bracelet, coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular implementation of a wearable electronic device may include a plurality of sensors configured to measure at least one health parameter of a first user associated with the wearable electronic device, and a control module in communication with the plurality of sensors. The control module includes a processor configured to receive a plurality of health parameter measurements from at least a subset of the plurality of sensors, and determine a general health state of the first user based upon the received health parameter measurements.

IPC Classes  ?

  • A61B 5/0205 - Simultaneously evaluating both cardiovascular conditions and different types of body conditions, e.g. heart and respiratory condition
  • A61B 5/145 - Measuring characteristics of blood in vivo, e.g. gas concentration, pH-value
  • A61B 5/00 - Measuring for diagnostic purposes ; Identification of persons