Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 18070433
Status Pending
Filing Date 2022-11-28
First Publication Date 2023-03-23
Publication Date 2023-03-23
Owner Intel Corporation (USA)
  • Geng, Phil
  • Tan, Guixiang
  • Sun, Yanbing
  • Li, Xiang
  • Vergis, George
  • Saha, Sanjoy K.


An apparatus is described. The apparatus includes a DIMM cooling assembly. The DIMM cooling assembly includes first and second heat spreaders to be respectively disposed on first and second sides of the DIMM's circuit board. The first and second sides having respective memory chips. The DIMM cooling assembly includes a heat dissipative structure. The DIMM's circuit board is to be disposed between the heat dissipative structure and a printed circuit board that the DIMM is to be plugged into. The DIMM cooling assembly includes fixturing elements to apply compressive forces toward the respective side edges of the DIMM's circuit board to the heat spreaders.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H05K 7/10 - Plug-in assemblages of components
  • H05K 1/11 - Printed elements for providing electric connections to or between printed circuits
  • H01L 23/473 - Arrangements for cooling, heating, ventilating or temperature compensation involving the transfer of heat by flowing fluids by flowing liquids
  • H05K 7/20 - Modifications to facilitate cooling, ventilating, or heating
  • H05K 7/14 - Mounting supporting structure in casing or on frame or rack