Personal tracking device

Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 10145310
Grant Number 06639516
Status In Force
Filing Date 2002-05-14
First Publication Date 2003-10-28
Publication Date 2003-10-28
Grant Date 2003-10-28
Inventor Copley, Shaun Michael


A system for monitoring the location of individuals, such as parolees, includes a wearable device worn by the individual and a portable device operatively coupled to the wearable device. The portable device is operatively coupled to a monitoring system through a wireless telephone network. The portable device transmits periodically encrypted location information as well as status information across the wireless network to the monitoring system. The monitoring system tracks the location of the individual and alerts the appropriate authorities when the individual violates a rule, such as a condition for parole. The portable device increases the time between transmissions when the individual is within a specified home location and reduces the time between transmissions when outside the specified location.