Register USPTO Trademark
Serial Number 88365928
Status Registered
Filing Date 2019-04-01
Publication Date 2019-10-22
Registration Date 2020-01-07
Owner Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Japan)
NICE Classes  ?
  • 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments
  • 12 - Land, air and water vehicles; parts of land vehicles

Goods & Services

Downloadable computer software for the operation, control, maintenance, and management of autonomous vehicles; computerized surveillance and electronic control systems for motor vehicles, comprised of computer hardware and recorded application software, cameras, optical sensors, ultrasound sensors, and lidar and radar apparatus to detect external objects, obstructions, road lane marks, external light level, and precipitation, and to react through command of vehicle steering system, brakes, cruise control, engine, actuators, display monitors, windshield wipers, automotive warning lights, and headlights; safety and driving assistant system for mobile vehicles comprised of electronic proximity sensors and switches, high-resolution cameras, integrated circuits for the purpose of imaging processing, and display monitors Land vehicles featuring autonomous driving features; Land vehicles and parts and fittings therefor