Programmable Input And Output Interfaces In Processing Integrated Circuits For Servers And Other Devices

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Date de dépôt 2022-09-22
Date de la première publication 2023-01-19
Date de publication 2023-01-19
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  • Hossain, Md Altaf
  • Kumashikar, Mahesh
  • Nalamalpu, Ankireddy
  • Ravipalli, Sreedhar


A processing integrated circuit includes a processing core comprising hard logic circuits and a programmable interface circuit configurable to exchange signals between an external terminal of the processing integrated circuit and the hard logic circuits in the processing core.

Classes IPC  ?

  • G06F 30/327 - Logic synthesis; Behaviour synthesis, e.g. mapping logic, HDL to netlist, high-level language to RTL or netlist