Register USPTO Patent
Application Number 17482131
Status Pending
Filing Date 2021-09-22
First Publication Date 2023-03-23
Publication Date 2023-03-23
Owner Intel Corporation (USA)
  • Lin, Chia-Ching
  • Nikonov, Dmitri Evgenievich
  • Young, Ian Alexander
  • Plombon, John J.
  • Li, Hai
  • Oguz, Kaan
  • Gosavi, Tanay A.
  • Walker, Emily


In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a magnet, a first structure, and a second structure. The first structure includes a first conductive trace and a magnetoelectric material. The first conductive trace is coupled to an input voltage terminal, and the magnetoelectric material is coupled to the first conductive trace and the magnet. The second structure includes a superlattice structure and a second conductive trace. The superlattice structure includes one or more topological insulator materials. Moreover, the superlattice structure is coupled to the magnet and the second conductive trace, and the second conductive trace is coupled to an output voltage terminal.

IPC Classes  ?

  • H01L 27/22 - Devices consisting of a plurality of semiconductor or other solid-state components formed in or on a common substrate using similar magnetic field effects
  • H01L 43/12 - Processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment of these devices or of parts thereof
  • H01L 43/02 - Devices using galvano-magnetic or similar magnetic effects; Processes or apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture or treatment thereof or of parts thereof - Details