Register EUIPO Trademark
Application Number 012533659
Status Registered
Filing Date 2014-01-24
Registration Date 2014-07-24
NICE Classes  ? 09 - Scientific and electric apparatus and instruments

Goods & Services

Measuring or testing machines and instruments; Standard-unit measuring machines and apparatus; Temperature indicators; Gasometers; Thermometers; Water meters; Balances; Tape measures; Japanese style box-shaped volume measure [Masu]; Planimeters; Measuring rules; Derived-unit measuring machines and apparatus; Pressure gauges [manometers]; Level indicators [spirit levels]; Acoustic meters; Tachometers; Accelerometers; Refractometers; Luminous flux meters; Photometers; Altimeters; Hygrometers; Illuminometers; Vibration meters; Noisemeters; Logs [measuring machines]; Speed indicators; Calorimeters; Viscosimeters; Concentration meters; Gravimeters; Densimeters; Dynamometers; Flowmeters; Precision measuring machines and instruments; Angle gauges; Angle dividing apparatus (measuring instruments); Spherometers; Inclinometers; Interferometers; Straightness testing machines and instruments; Profile projectors; Graduation checkers [calibration checkers]; Length measuring gauges; Screw-thread measuring machines and instruments; Comparators [non-electronic]; Surface roughness testing machines and instruments; Flatness testing machines and instruments; Automatic adjusting/regulating machines and instruments; Automatic pressure control machines and instruments; Automatic liquid-flow control machines and instruments; Automatic fluid-composition control machines and instruments; Automatic liquid-level control machines and instruments; Automatic temperature control machines and instruments; Automatic combustion control machines and instruments; Automatic vacuum control machines and instruments; Automatic calorie control machines and instruments; Program control machines and instruments; Material testing machines and instruments; Metal compression testing machines; Metal hardness testing machines; Metal strength testing machines; Rubber testing machines; Concrete testing machines; Cement testing machines; Textile testing machines; Plastic testing machines; Lumber testing machines; Surveying machines and instruments; Alidades; Meteorological machines and apparatus; Base plates [for surveying purposes]; Distance measuring machines or apparatus [range finders]; Clinometers; Tripods [for surveying]; Magnetic compasses [for surveying]; Surveying compass needles; Gyrocompasses; Magnetic gyrocompasses; Photogrammetric machines; Level measuring machines [for surveying]; Precision theodolites; Rod-floats [for measuring velocity of water current]; Surveying chains; Targets [for levelling rods]; Transits [for surveying]; Levelling rods [for surveying]; Sextants; Astronometric measuring machines and instruments; Meridian transit telescopes; Astronomical spectrographs; Zenith telescopes; Electronic charts for identifying hiding-power of paint; Thermosensitive temperature indicator strips; Test pieces for rust formation testing; Power distribution or control machines and apparatus; Rotary converters; Phase modifiers; Electric regulating apparatus; Electric regulating apparatus for automobiles; Control devices for machines and motors; Electric switches; Electric relays; Circuit breakers; Power controllers; Current rectifiers; Electric connectors; Electric circuit closers; Electric capacitors; Electric resistors; Local switches; Power distributing boxes; Plugboards; Fuses [for electric current]; Lightning arresters; Electric transformers; Induction voltage regulators; Electric reactors; Electric wires and cables; Electric cables; Rubber covered wires; Plastic covered wires; Coils [electric wire]; Terminal boxes; Junction boxes; Junction sleeves [for electric cables]; Telecommunication cables; Electric wires; Power cables; Special covered wires; Bare wires; Data lines; Optical fiber cables; Telecommunication machines and apparatus; Telephone apparatus; Wire communication machines and apparatus; Transmission machines and apparatus [for telecommunication]; Broadcasting machines and apparatus; Radio communication machines and apparatus; Radio application machines and apparatus; Remote control telemetering machines and instruments; Audio frequency machines and apparatus; Video frequency machines and apparatus; Parts and accessories for telecommunication machines and apparatus; Remote control apparatus; Devices for recording, transfer and reproduction of data; Devices for data networks; Intercoms; Portable telephones; Automatic switching apparatus [for telecommunication]; Manual switching apparatus [for telecommunication]; Telephone sets; Teletypewriters; Automatic telegraph apparatus; Phototelegraphy apparatus; Manual telegraph apparatus; Repeating exchange machines; Facsimile machines; Audio frequency transmission machines and apparatus; Cable transmission machines and apparatus; Power-line transmission machines and apparatus; Open-wire transmission machines and apparatus; Transmission and repeating machines and apparatus; Television receivers [TV sets]; Television transmitters; Radio receivers; Radio transmitters; Portable radio communication machines and apparatus; Aeronautical radio communication machines and apparatus; Multichannel radio communication machines and apparatus for fixed stations; Single-channel radio communication machines and apparatus for fixed stations; Vehicular radio communication machines and apparatus; Marine radio communication machines and apparatus; Navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; Radio beacon machines and apparatus; Radio direction finders; Radar machines and apparatus; Loran navigation machines and apparatus; IC recorders; Public-address systems and instruments; Portable audio players; Compact disc players; Juke boxes; Tape recorders; Electric phonographs; Record players; Sound recording apparatus and instruments [cinematographic apparatus]; DVD players; DVD recorders; Digital cameras; Digital photo frames; Videocameras [camcorders]; Videodisc players; Videotape recorders; Antennas [aerials]; Cabinets [for telecommunication apparatus]; Cell phone straps; Coils [for telecommunication apparatus]; Magnetic tape erasers; Magnetic tape cleaners; Magnetic head erasers; Magnetic head cleaners [apparatus]; Loudspeakers; Stands and racks [for telecommunication machines and apparatus]; Dials [of telecommunication apparatus]; Fuses [for telecommunication apparatus]; Blank magnetic tapes for tape recorders; Change-over switches [for telecommunication apparatus]; Plugboads; Pickups [for telecommunication apparatus]; Blank video tapes; Indicator lights [for telecommunication apparatus]; Electrical phonomotors; Headphones; Electrical transformers [for telecommunication apparatus]; Protectors [for telecommunication apparatus]; Microphones [for telecommunication apparatus]; Cleaning apparatus for phonograph records; Blank record disks; Electron tubes; Semi-conductor elements; Electronic circuits [not including those recorded with computer programs]; Computer programs; Integrated circuits Large scale integrated circuits; Computers; Computers and their peripherals; Computer programmes [programs], recorded; Computer operating programs, recorded; Electronic control unit; Electronic control unit for automobiles; Data processing devices; Data carriers; Integrated circuits of communication in computer systems, integrated circuits, semiconductors; Mechatronic devices for vehicle control applications, in particular automotive body control applications; Computer programs for designing and/or testing of electric and electronic apparatus for vehicles applications; Programs for electronic data processing; Electric and electronic measuring, control and regulating apparatus; Electronic controllers, interfaces and actuators, for example stepper motors, for vehicle applications, in particular for rear-view mirrors, window lifters, seat control, door locks, cruise control, windshield wipers, air conditioning, radio applications; Electric and electronic apparatus for vehicle applications, in particular for the realisation of or integration into automotive data communication and control networks; Optical mouse; Scanners [data processing equipment]; Display units for computers; Hard disk drives; Printers; Electrostatic copying machines; Electronic desk calculators; Electronic dictionaries; Word processors; X-rays tubes [not for medical use]; Photo-sensitive tubes [phototubes]; Vacuum tubes; Rectifier tubes; Cathode ray tubes; Discharge tubes; Thermistors; Diodes; Transistors; Light-emitting diodes [LEDs].